Latest News:
New Gymnastics Club Now Open at Fossebank Independant School, Hildenborough, Kent. Open Saturdays and Tuesdays for ages 18 Months+ Trial Sessions Now available. --- We are close to opening a Brand New Dance Academy! We will keep you posted. --- We now have over 600 Members in our Sports Clubs across South East London and Kent! --- Over 30 Schools being provided for our Sports Clubs across South East London and Kent! --- 5 more Schools Due to begin with us in 2013!
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Tips & Tricks

The Active Sports Group know how important it is to not only train hard in whatever sport you participate in, but you must also ensure you are living healthy and eating a nutricianal balanced diet with the right foods and drink. We have provided some useful tips and tricks for staying healthy at home, as well as in the gym.

We have provided some videos of some basic skills you can learn at home safely. We have also provided suggested diet plans for losing weight, gaining weight, and maintaing weight