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New Gymnastics Club Now Open at Fossebank Independant School, Hildenborough, Kent. Open Saturdays and Tuesdays for ages 18 Months+ Trial Sessions Now available. --- We are close to opening a Brand New Dance Academy! We will keep you posted. --- We now have over 600 Members in our Sports Clubs across South East London and Kent! --- Over 30 Schools being provided for our Sports Clubs across South East London and Kent! --- 5 more Schools Due to begin with us in 2013!
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Success Stories

Mia Turner

AGE: 8

SPORT: Gymnastics

GOAL: Backflip, Sommersault


Mia was very keen to learn a backflip and sommersault. She had the ability but lacked confidence to attempt the moves. We worked on her confidence and used training aids to begin with. Once Mia's confidence grew we continued working on her techniques each session and after just one month her goal was achieved.

Jenna Bonwick

AGE: 9

SPORT: Dance

GOAL: Free Cartwheel (No Hands)


Jenna is a dancer studying modern and street dance. She was very keen to learn a Free Cartwheel to put into her routine at the end of the year. We broke the move down into stages and used training aids and support to help her understand how to perform the cartwheel. Once she mastered the move with support we gradually eased off and within 6 weeks she achieved her goal.

Dan Thompson

AGE: 17

SPORT: Free Running

GOAL: Standing Back Somersault


Dan has taken up recreational free running with a group of friends and approached us with the goal of learning the correct technique for a back somersault. With the use of progressions and training aids to gain more height for the skill Dan was able to better comprehend the separate movements within the skill and move the skill to the ground where he was very quick to control his technique and achieve his goal within 5 weeks.